are you a good boyfriend?

there are so many hot guys out there but how many of you are good boyfriends? not many. so many guys are just in it for the physical part and once a girl wont give in he is willing to break up.

have you ever wondered if you are a good boyfriend. take my short quiz to find out whether or not you are a great guy to be with, just in it for the physical part of a relationship, or not a good boyfriend.

Created by: katie

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  1. you and your girlfriend are hanging out and she wants a total chick flick, what do you say ?
  2. you were supposed to hang out with your friends tonight when you girlfriend calls crying because her cat just died, what do you do ?
  3. your girlfriend is prude. what do you do ?
  4. whats your favorite color ? [no effect]
  5. youre at a bachelor party and there are strippers. what do you do?
  6. did you like this quiz? [no effect]
  7. youre walking around the mall with your girlfriend and she is getting tired, would you hold your purse for her?
  8. its her birthday, what do you get her?
  9. how many siblings [no effect]
  10. whats your favorite animal [no effect]

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Quiz topic: Am I a good boyfriend?