who is your akatsuke boyfriend

'this is my first quiz and it's about who you'd most likely end up with if you were an anima person and happened to come across the akatsuke.it's just to have fun and try to test your relation ship skills.

do you have what it takes to date an akatsuke?find out with this quiz.it's not that good i don't think cause it's my first on but i tryed.enjoy!so i hope you have fun cause i did ^_^hehe:(hehehehehe im so boared so i made this quiz you try making this!it's not easy!

Created by: maykue

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. choose one guy from the akatsuke that you hate
  2. whay color eyes would your guy have?
  3. what type of guy are you looking for?
  4. what kind of music do you like?[this will not efect yuor score]
  5. who do you want to be with?[the last one was random i couldn't think of any other guys]
  6. your boyfriend leaves his room open what do you do?[and this is your first time at his house]
  7. what kind of pet would you get?
  8. what would you were to bed?[and just so you know your sleeping with your boyfriend]
  9. what color hair would you have in the anima world?
  10. what style would you put your hair in on your first date with a guy that you reallly like?

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Quiz topic: Who is my akatsuke boyfriend