is yor boyfriend right for you?

This quiz is to help you if you are lost about your relationship with your boyfriend. To find if you two are a good couple, or not so good. The results might not hit YOU exactly, but they'll be close! lol If you don't want advice, and like your relationship just the way it is, go away!

I have very good advice, and questions. I hope you like my questions, and they help you. My goal is to have at least 200 people take this, and vote on if they like it or not. I want to help people with their love life, and make sure they are happy, and not fighting a lot, and not doing anything about it, TY

Created by: leah
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you two hand out as much as possible?
  2. was it love at first sight?
  3. (this might not make sense to put in this quiz but,) What is your favorite color? And what is his?
  4. have you two gone to each others houses at all?
  5. do you sit on his lap?
  6. Do you really love him in the heart? or just going out with him because you couldn't say no?
  7. does he give you stuff?
  8. do you act your self around him?
  9. do you watch love movies?
  10. almost done.....would you rather die for him, or have him die
  11. ok, last question. Do you two hold hands?

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