are you a good boy friend

there are many people who think they are a good boyfriend some they they are the best only this quiz can tell you the truth but this quiz is to tell you about yourself not to change you

are you a good boyfriend do you know what it means to be a boyfriend until now you would know nothing about yourself in a few minuets you will find the answer you are looking for

Created by: brandon

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. will you be there for her always
  2. would you travel to the end of the world for her
  3. would you die for her
  4. would you break your own heart so she can be happy
  5. do you think she is the 1
  6. what will you buy her
  7. is she beautifil
  8. do you care about anything more than her
  9. how do you like her
  10. did you like this quiz

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Quiz topic: Am I a good boy friend