Does ur friend want 2 b more than that?

there are many friends out there that always remain friends, but there are some other friend that want to be more than that. friends that want to be more than that are good but what happens when you break up or if you break up then its over for your friend ship and your relation ship.

Does your friend want to be more to you?? Or does he/she just want to remain being good friends and nothing more? Until now you could of only wondered but thanks to this quiz you can find out the truth.

Created by: Audrey

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  1. does he or she get jelous when a boy or girl asks you out?
  2. Does he/she calls u just to say hi?
  3. Do u ever catch ur friend starring at u??
  4. when u and another friend r fighting what side oes he/she go on?
  5. does he/she complement u on ur looks
  6. does he/she tease u on the people u date??
  7. did he/she ever ask u 2 slow ance at a dance or at a work party
  8. r u in his/her five
  9. odes he/she get u more Xspensive stuff when it comes own to valintines day??
  10. is he/she always there for u??

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