Are you the perfect friend?

Perfection is hard. But it's harder when it comes down to people you really like. Yes, this is the friend test, are you the ideal person to hang around with? Do you think you are? Take this test and find out! It's totally worth it, it only takes a minute or two!

Are you that great? Are you that friendly? Are you? ARE YOU? Find out if you are the ideal friend. Good Luck Everyone! And Good Luck to your friends if you score low!

Created by: Sophie

  1. How many BEST friends do you have?
  2. When you go on holiday, what type of presents do you buy your friends?
  3. When you go on holiday, what type of presents do you buy your friends?
  4. Your friend has just broken up with her/his boy/girl friend. She starts crying in the School toilets, locks herself in and doesn't come out. What do you do?
  5. Your friends all start running away from another friend of yours. And turn around alughing at her/him. You would...
  6. This evil girl/boy in your class/street etc. is stealing your friend, and stops them from seeing you anymore. Your friend is sad, but pretends to hate you. Only because this person is so popular.
  7. You are obsessed with this boy/girl and your friend then goes out with them. They know you like them, but that doesn't stop them.
  8. Do you have a lot in common with your mates?
  9. Your friend asks to borrow your hairbrush/comb, but you realise she/he has really bad dandruff.
  10. Do you trust your friends?
  11. How often do you see/contact your friends [not in school/work]
  12. Your friends all make fun of you. And it is quite nasty, what they said to you, but the next day, they apologize and asks to be mates again.
  13. Do you think you are a good friend?

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Quiz topic: Am I the perfect friend?