Fancy Fantasy Part 4

It's your senior year. You've just moved to a new school because your dad died last year and your mom just got a new job. You left your one friend and boyfriend behind and

and learned that not one week after you left they had slept together. You are totally alone in a new state, in a new school. Your name is whatever it is and you look like whatever you look like (aka beautiful).

Created by: Twisted_Roots

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  1. Recap: "Are we gonna watch a movie?" You ask. All the guys shift around on their feet, clearly uncomfortable. "Um, ____?" Bobby starts. "We kinda have to tell you something..."
  2. But before he can say anything else, the front door goes flying through the living room! In its place are the people dressed in complete and total BLACK
  3. 4 of the guys take battle stances while Jake grabs your hand and whisks you away to the hall closet, closing the door behind him. "Jake!" You whisper shout. "This is NOT the time for 7 Minutes in Heaven!" "Shh!!" He motions with his finger and you shut your mouth. You strain to hear what's going on outside, but all you can hear is punches landing, groaning, and screaming. You cringe with every sound and scoot towards Jake. He takes the bait and wraps you in his super tone arms
  4. You smile and wrap your arms around him and he pulls you close, hugging you tightly to his chest. After about 5 more minutes of the sounds of war, everything falls eerily silent. You wait a couple more seconds, then slowly pull yourself away from Jake and silently crack open the door. After ensuring the coast is clear. You walk out. You instantly see-
  5. Danny on the floor with a spear sticking out of his chest!!! :O
  6. You just kinda stand there for a second, mouth hanging open, before the guys usher you out of the room into the kitchen. You sit down at the table, numb. The guys began to whisper amongst themselves, but you can't hear what their saying nor do you care. You just sit. Staring off into space.
  7. After a few minutes of quiet conversation, the guys turn and face you. "____" Maverick says quietly. You look up at him, tears streaming silently down your face. He walks over to you and gently pulls you to your feet, then slowly wraps his arms around you. "I'm so, SO sorry ____" all the guys join in the hug. Who do you hug back?
  8. You wrap your arms around him and he gives you a reassuring squeeze. After standing like that for a little while, the guys pull back. "Well," Maverick started, "I guess we need to move her." All the guys sigh. You look confused. "Move? But we just moved in! Why would we move out when we just moved in?" Maverick gives you a sympathetic look. "____, you are not human."
  9. You look REALLY confused now. "Of course I am!" you say, then quieter "...right?" the guys look at the floor, the ceiling, walls, chairs, anywhere but at you. "_____" Bobby says quietly. "We have powers."
  10. You smile. "Ah. I should have known." The guys look at you, shocked. "W-what?" Jake asks. "I should have known!" You repeat. "Why else would five-...four... hot guys ask me to come with them unless I was special!" You say, anger rising. "You know, I thought that, for once in my freaking miserable life, someone wanted me for me. I should have known." Your tears start racing down your cheeks. All of the guys look hurt. "____" Taylor says. You look up and glare at him, silently daring him to say you're wrong. He accepts. "You're wrong. Yes, we asked you here because we believe you can help us, but we are ALL really glad that you are you and you are here" You sniff. "Really?" "Really."
  11. CLIFFHANGER!! I'll admit, not the best and sorry these are kinda short and also sorry I killed Danny >:) Who do you like?

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