Fancy Fantasy Part 1

It's your senior year. You've just moved to a new school because your dad died last year and your mom just got a new job. You left your one friend and boyfriend behind

and learned that not one week after you left they had slept together. You are totally alone in a new state, in a new school. Your name is whatever it is and you look like whatever you look like (aka beautiful).

Created by: Twisted_Roots

  1. Read the introduction to get a lil' background info about yourself, ok?
  2. The first day of your new high school. You walk in the doors and look around. Typical. Cheerleaders, jocks, goths, geeks, you name it, they have it. You go into the office to get your schedule. "Well hello!" says the overly cheerful lady behind the desk. "Um, hi?" "What's your name, sweetheart?" "____ _______" you respond. She hands you your schedule and calls for someone named Danny. Out of the back room walks a god. Well, he LOOKS like it anyway. Dirty blonde hair, light blue eyes, and a sexy lopsided smile. Perfect body. Oh yes. You...
  3. Whatever you choose, you smile. He smiles back, his teeth tooth paste ad white. "New student?" he asks you. You nod. The lady hands him your schedule and indicates that he should show you where you're classes are. He flashes you another smile and you follow him out of the office. "Well, it looks like we have 1st and 3rd period together; Science and English. Your second period is History and your 4th is Math. You have art for 5th period. That's a great way to end the day, don't you think?"
  4. "Yeah, I love art" you say. Just then, a guy with brown hair, brown eyes, and glasses comes up to you. "Hello!" he smiles "I couldn't help but overhear you have art 5th period?" you nod "Cool! Me to" you're thinking....
  5. "By the way, I'm Jake" he beams at you. The bell rings and Jake says, "well, catchya later ____!" after he leaves, Danny grimaces "Nerds" he says spitting out the word like a lemon.
  6. "that's not very nice." You say. Danny shrugs and you both walk to science class. There are two empty seats, but there not next to each other. Danny gives you a sympathetic look. You sit in the nearest desk and are sitting by a boy who looks... well... perfect. Every dark brown hair in place. Chocolate eyes gleaming. Super tone, super hot. You sit down next to him. He shoots you a charming, drop dead gorgeous perfect smile complete with dimples. "Hey" he says, his voice deep and sexy. "Hey" you squeak lamely. "I'm Maverick"
  7. The rest of the day goes by in a blur. You have some classes with each of the guys. You get home and start on your homework because you have nothing else to do... until the doorbell rings.
  8. You get up from your desk and walk to the door. you open it and see...
  9. It's Maverick! He disarms you with his killer smile and walks inside. "Nice house. Small, but nice" he says. You say...
  10. "Um, thanks? I totally thought you were the pizza-" just then the bell rings again. "ugh now what!" you open the door for the second time that night and see...
  11. CLIFFHANGER!! i know it was kinda short but please rate and comment!

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