My Legend of Zelda Fantasy Part 2

This is just my little, fan-made, legend of Zelda fantasy story. If you missed the first one go to my account, Unikat2, page. This is not supposed to be based on any of the games or any thing like that and the copy rights belong to Nintendo.

Read my story about Link in a different type of story... fan made!!! I hope you like it and stick around for part three! Enjoy! I love the Legend of Zelda Series so much that I wrote this little fantasy story.

Created by: Unikat2
  1. After the ground shaking, thundering sounds, and ash in the sky, there was a black mist rising from the desert. Sicand Village looked more like a war zone than a Village at all. The wall that protected the people from sand storms that come off of the desert was destroyed and lay crumbled on the ground. The many anchient trees that once stood high and strong are now on the groung broken. Cries and shrieks fill the air. Families were injured, villagers are dead, and people are missing. Every where is chaos and confusion. "Link! There you are! Come, I need your help."
  2. The person calling Link had been Virash, The leader of Sicand Village, like Thair is with Deepern Village. "Listen Link, with this place in ruins, and 20 of our protectors lost in the madness, I have to know I can trust you" Virash said. *Link nods* "Good. I know you just started being a protector, and with all of these strange things happening it can be tough and confusing. But I need you to be my special helper. You see, with Sicand in this state, I cannot leave my people. You on the other hand can investigate. I want you to find out what is going on... I fear the anchient procephies may becoming true. Go see the sage in Yimos Village next to the Grand Lake. He can help you from there. Go now LInk and quicken your pace!" She said.
  3. "The path you must take to get to Yimos Village is a dangerous one, Take this." Virash said. *Link takes the bottle* "You can bring the sage back some river leaves and he will surely lead you on your way to figuering out this mess. Head down the river, with the sun setting on your back." Link druns out of the village with high hopes. His pace soon slows for he had not prepared himself. *growl* He sure is hungry. All he had brought with him were two slices of bread, one sip of water, his iron sword, wodden shield, and an empty bottle. Where to get more suplies?
  4. Many travelers use the clear river for trade and transportation, but Link wondered if they ever traded food. He wanted one to come and give him food. *GROWL!* His stomache can't take it any more! Link had to stray from the river to find something, anything to eat! After frantically walking through the trees, he finds a bush with little red berries. It was better than nothing so Link ate his heart out. But where was the river? 'Great, just great' Link thought to himself. Without the river, he only knew to have the sun setting on his back. That was all he could do to try and get closer to Yimos Village where the sage was. Days went by and the only thing Link could find to eat were those red berries. He grew thirstier by the minute. When he thought he heard water, he decided it was just his head messing with him, but then he heard a voice, a voice of a traveler.
  5. It was a gentle hum, with a tune that no one could repeat or even understand. They say that travelers used the hum to make wishes come true, because travelers were few and far between. Link ran towards the water and voice of the traveler in hopes that they could trade for real food and to point him in the right direction. When he got out of the dense trees, he was suprised to find that the traveler he had heard was a woman. Most, practically all, travelers were thought to be men. "Ah, Link. There you are. The sage had seen you in a vision that you needed his help so he sent me to find you, Mr. Protector," she said, "I'm Whan" Link is dazed that the sage had known he was comming. "And I see you have found the river bush berries," Whan said pionting to the red juice on his face, "the river bush is very useful, especially the leaves. They only grow near this river though. You will probably need some river leaves, they're called, to take to the sage."
  6. Link rather quickly finds some river leaves and puts them in the bottle that Virash gave him. "Come, Yimos Village is only a days journey from here, but we need to be careful of looters. They will take everything you have and throw you in the river. Be on the look out protector." They wlaked for a few short hours down the river, Link eating every river bush berry in sight, until they came across a wide flat of land without any trees in sight of the river. "We will sleep here, it is getting dark" Whan said. They settled down to rest as soon as the sun set and the moon rose. Link had a bad feeling about this, but as soon as his head hit his pillow, he was out like a light.
  7. Crash! Of course, the only night that Link and Whan spent at the river they were attaked by looters. Link sat up. Where was Whan anyways? "You, get up!" a hoarse voice said. Link stood and looked around to see what exactly was going on."You are a protector, a young one at that, with a traveler, a female traveler. I thought that all of the protectors would be at Sicand seeing as the big catatstrophy that happened there not to long ago. Ah, yes, where are my manners, I am Diram, the Great Tradesman. But to obtain my wares that I sell to the rich, I must first deal with people along the river like you. Why do you think there are very few travelers now? Missing these?" the scragley man held up Link's sword, sheild, and even the river leaves. Link lurched forwards only to find that The looters had bound his ankle with rope to a steak in the ground. *Of course* Link thought. "Not so fast Protector, these will make me a fine profit. You are probanly wondering why I have not thrown you and that girl into the river when you were sleeping, eh. Well, you see I not only sell goods, but also information to the highest bidder. You see, a protector and traveler together headinng away from Sicand intrigues me. Surely they must have something in their puny heads that is of value to the right customer." Diram said with a sly smirk in his face.
  8. Link knew he couldn't trust him, so he had to escape with Whan and not telling Diram anything. Not even his name. "I'll be back and I will want you to talk." Diram said, then walked away to his tent on a small boat. Link needed to find a way out fast. There were several of those boats around. He could use one to escape. First he needed to get rid of the rope around his ankle. Link tryed at the knot, but it must have been sealed together in the knot. He didn't have anything sharp to cut the rope with either. His only option was the steak. He tugged discreatly at it for there were several looters around. They must have planned to stay there a while, because they set up tents, dug a fire pit, and had wood and food scattered near the tents. With one last jerk, Link got the steak out of the ground. Now to get away with out any one seeing him. He carefully surveyed his surroundings before he dared move and inch. There were four boats big enough for three people and suppplies to be in. Luckily is seems that they have unloaded two of them. Link decided to use the one farthest down the river to escape in. He needed to first find Whan. Link hunched over for a couple minutes to make himself look smaller. there were tan sacks laying around and he figuered that he could use them to replace his absence when he was getting away. He counted five tents big enough for two of the looters, with one on the boat Diram was in. Two of the looters were outside the tents and Link could make out three others inside them. Whan wasn't in the open. She was in one of the tents. Maybe if Link got his sword, he could secretly take out the looters. Before Diram went in the boat he tossed Link's supplies to a wimpier looking looter. He went into a tent that was full of other things like wood and barrels. Link could sneak around the piles of wood near the tents to get to that tent. After he had his stuff he would creep down to the boat he will use and set his stuff in there. Then take out the looters and look for Whan once he got her he will set sail. Link had a plan!
  9. Link softly moved to one of the sacks and put it down where he was hunched over. Suprizingly it was very heavy. Step one complete. With his decoy in place he could safely move around. He only had one hand though, because he had to hold the steak to not make noise. With only the dim light from the fire, he could move around in the shadows. Link ran over to the tent closest to him and crouched behind some of the sacks. One of the looters that were outside was sitting in front of the fire eating a bowl of something. The other was standing outside Diram's boat-tent. His sharp eyes on the look out for any thing out of the ordinary. He wasn't facing the area Link was tied to, but it was in his perifreal vision, so Link assumed that the sack would fool him. Inside the tent Link was next to, he could see two figures, one sleeping, and one sitting up, reading maybe. Neither looked like Whan. Link now needed to get to the next tent unseen. The grass inbetween the two tents was tall enough to army crawl through. With his eye on the looter near the boat, who was slowly moving his head left and right, Link crawled towards the tent. Quickly he stopped moving, and breathing, because the looter had stopped his head right at Link. After 30 heart pounding seconds he started to look around again. Link didn't dare to breathe more than a silent gasp. Even slower now, Link made his way behind the second tent. There was crates and barrels outside of it. One of the barrels was on its side with no bottom. Link peeked around the tent to see how he would get to the suplies tent with his sword in it. There was a problem.The looter that was eating finnished and started to walk around, near the tent that Link needed to get to. Suddenly and idea hit him! He colud use the empty barrel to hide and sneak around in. *I hope I don't let Virash and everyone down* Link thought. He slipped on the barrel and sauntered out from behind the tent.
  10. A knot hole on the wood of the barrel let Link see out of it, but it was still hard to handle, because of the bulky steak from the ground. When the first looter was looking left, and the second one was facing the fire, he was able to move without being seen. this happenedfor only five short seconds each time, so Link had to make the most out of them, but still stop on a dime. The terrorizing minutes that it took him to get to the suplies tent went a bit like this. STOP GO STOP STAY GO STOP GO STOP STAY STAY GO STOP GO STOP GO STOP STAY. Inside the suplies tent Link was stiff just to the left of the entrance. This tent was bigger than the others. He looked around for his things when the looter inside said, "Oh, I must have missed that one." Link grabbed to knot hole with his spare hand and pushed on the sides with hois feet, so that when that looter came over there and moved him he wouldn't fall out. " lets put you over there." said the wimpy looter. With a shove the barrel toppled over on its side and rolled towards the piles and sacks of goods that were stolen from people on the river. If his suplies were anywhere they they were here. The scrawney looter sat and counted the crates and barrels and bags. In a flash Link hurled the barrel at the looter and scanned the suplies for his sword. He found it and quickly pointed it at the looter who was now on the floor. "Okay you win! Please don't hurt me!" he said. *Some fierce looter you are* Link thought. Link gagged him to make sure he didn't make a sound and gathered his things. He headed for the boat after sneaking out of the tent. Link set his supplies in the boat and headed back for Whan. From behind the supplies tent Link over heard the looters talking, "What do you mean he got away!?!?" "Is that a sack of seed over there?" "How come you didn't see him?" "We can't tell the Great Tradesman, He'll kill us!" "What do we do?" "We capture him and take him to the boss." "You two stay here and act like normal." "We'll go after him." Link's hour was almost up.
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