Fancy Fantasy Part 2

It's your senior year. You've just moved to a new school because your dad died last year and your mom just got a new job. You left your one friend and boyfriend behind and learned that not one week after you left they had slept together. You are totally alone in a new state, in a new school. Your name is whatever it is and you look like whatever you look like (aka beautiful).

and learned that not one week after you left they had slept together. You are totally alone in a new state, in a new school. Your name is whatever it is and you look like whatever you look like (aka beautiful).

Created by: Twisted_Roots
  1. Recap: you open the door for the second time that night and see...
  2. A stranger! "STRANGER DANGER!" You scream and slam the door in the poor guys face. "Wait!" Maverick says "Did he have short dirty blonde hair and glassy blue eyes?" You think for a second "...yeah... I think so..." Maverick runs past you and throws open the door. "Bobby!!" He says. Him and "˜Bobby' do that weird guy hug thing and then Maverick lets Bobby into YOUR house.
  3. "Oh yeah, you can come into my house, total stranger I haven't even been introduced to yet." You say, crossing your arms defensively. "Oh man! I'm sorry ____. ____ this is Bobby. We've been best friends for, like, EVER!!" Bobby smiles at you mysteriously, like he knows something you don't. You stare at his eyes, glassy blue. "____!" Maverick waves his hand in front of your face. "Hello" Bobby says quietly.
  4. " h-hello." You manage a smile and a weak wave. You realize the front door was still open and awkwardly shuffle over to close it when ANOTHER car pulls up into the drive way. Who is it?
  5. Surprisingly, its Danny AND Jake. In the same car! You turn your questioning gaze to Maverick and Bobby. Maverick just shrugs and goes to greet them while Bobby quietly follows behind him. You stare at the four guys in your driveway, laughing and joking like they own the place! It's time to lay down the law. "HEY!!" you shout. All eyes turn to you. "Look, this is MY house and I didn't invite ANY of you here! If you could please leave before my mom gets home, that would be fantastic."
  6. They all stare at you for a second, then Danny sighs. "____, look. We need you to come with us." It's your turn to stare "oh yeah hey guys, I just met you and I'm just gonna go with your wherever you tell me to- NO! WHO DO YOU THINK I AM!?!? Despite what I look like, I am NOT STUPID!!!! Do you think I can know you for less than 12 hours and just trust you with my LIFE???" Maverick and Bobby look at each other, Jake fiddles with a leaf, and Danny stares at the ground. "Well?" You question. Nobody answers. "Exactly"
  7. "You are so special." A voice mocks as you turn to go inside. He didn't mean the good special either. You whip around "Excuuuuuse me??" you challenge. "Ha. And you guys thought you could win. Let's just go. She doesn't want our help? Fine." You look at each of the guys but none of them are speaking. "s-show yourself" You shake. A tall, lean figure slowly steps out from behind Danny's car. His full height is about a head taller than you, his jet black hair cascading down his face, veiling his eyes. He looks... intimidating.
  8. Jake speaks up "Um, Taylor-" "Shut up Jake" Taylor yells. "Just tie her up and stick her in the truck" He mutters. All the guys glare at Taylor as he turns and gets back in Danny's car. "That won't be necessary." You retort. "I'll come willingly."
  9. You follow Maverick to his car and hop in the backseat. Danny, Taylor, and Jake pile into Danny's car and you, Maverick, and Bobby get into Maverick's car (Bobby just walked to your house) you make the entire two hour car ride in silence and as you pull up to Maverick's mansion, you realize you didn't pack anything. You are about to voice this when Bobby says "We knew you would come with us, so we bought you clothes"
  10. You stare at him, open mouthed. He turns in his seat and for the first time gives you his killer bad boy smirk. "Oh. My. Bagel." You think. "he is so hot!!!" He smirks again "why thank you" you clasp a hand over your mouth, thinking you said that out loud. Your cheeks flame. He turns back to face the front and stretches. "How much longer, Mav? My abs are cramping. I think ____ should massage them out."
  11. Maverick laughs and slaps Bobby's stomach, which, by the way, is rock hard. This makes Bobby burst into laughter as you guys pull into the garage. By the time the guys show you to your room you are EXHAUSTED!! What color(s) is your room?
  12. You step into your room, in total awe of the majestic awesomness of it. Maverick gives you and uncharacteristic shy smile "Do you like it? I painted it myself." You turn in a complete circle, admiring every inch of the room. When you finish, you turn your gaze back to Maverick. "It's perfect." You whisper. He walks closer to you and he-!
  13. CLIFFHANGER!! who do you like?

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