Immortal part 4

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Hello peoples! you know that's actually a word? pretty cool. anyway, thanks for reading i really wanted to get this out early so... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!! I think you'll enjoy this part as i do.

here are the descriptions of the guys. Demitri: dark black hair and intense, ocean blue eyes. fit, hot, witty. James: dark brown hair and eyes. strong, good arms and chest, very flirty. Kyle: black hair and darker eyes. mysterious, keeps to himself, looks angry all the time but soft. fit, kind of skinny.

Created by: cheese1234

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  1. I crammed the note in my pocket and ordered another drink for myself. James finally reached me, "What did he want?" Demitri suddenly appeared behind James and Kyle seemed to have disappeared. His heartbeat was nowhere to be heard. It struck me, I could hear James's heart beat quickly and heavily but Demitri sounded completely silent, only hollow, empty breaths.
  2. I eyed him suspiciously. Was he immune to me? I put my guard up as Demitri returned the suspicion with a glance. I returned my gaze on James who still seemed tense. "He just wanted to talk. Do you know him?" I replied. "No," James answered. I could tell he was telling lies by the way his heartbeat changed. I ignored the lie and went back to the dance floor with Hera who was now dancing with two girls and one guy.
  3. The guy was young. He was our age with dirty blonde hair and visible contacts colored light blue. I forced of sight to turn on and I could see his hair was light brown and his eyes that's impossible. Red? I blinked many times and saw the same thing. I glanced at Hera and she didn't seem to notice. Her eyes were closed and she was lost in the music.
  4. "Hera!" I shouted. She couldn't hear me. The boys were behind me and they didn't seem to notice anything strange. Demitri walked up to the strange boy and gripped his elbow. They began to argue and I pulled Hera toward me. "Hey!" she shouted, "What's going on?" I motioned to the boy and Hera glanced at him, "Cute right?" "Look again, Hera. Look closer." I said through gritted teeth. She did as told and she looked back at me, eyes wide.
  5. "What the... that's not natural." She spoke. "That's not normal." I corrected. We moved away from them quietly and I bumped into someone. It was Kyle. His black eyes shone like coal in the dark light of the club. "Kyle," I breathed. He glanced down at me and said, "Get out of here." His voice was even and steady but most of all serious. Hera held onto my harm tightly and headed for the door. "Wait," I said as Kyle and James joined Demitri, "I want to see what's happening."
  6. Hera stood motionless and she looked pale. I shook her, "Hera, Hera, what's wrong?" Her voice came out trembling, "We can't go outside. I have a bad feeling about it. That boy. I knew I shouldn't have danced with him but he was so charming." I heard something dripping and it didn't come from the bar. Growling came from the center of the dance floor. It was strange. Almost animal-like. A familiar smell picked at my nose. Hera and I looked at each other as we whispered in unison, "Blood."
  7. I felt myself tremble as I wondered, are there other creatures on this Earth besides human and immortals? The thought bothered me. Maybe all the horrible creatures I've read in book and seen in movies were real. I let out a breath and held myself strong. Hera took after me and we swiftly and easily made our way to the dance floor, letting our immortality flood into our bones and mind. The closer we got, the stronger the sense of caution grew.
  8. Kyle saw us coming. "I thought I told you to leave." He said in a serious tone. "Don't tell me what to do." I replied, surprised my voice came out so clear and superior. He glanced down at the floor and I stepped around him, hoping I didn't hurt his feelings. The strange boy was arguing through gritted teeth with Demitri. James stood with his arms crossed behind him, looking like a body guard. "Emilia, Hera, you have to leave." I shook my head, "No." Hera pulled at my arm and whispered in my ear, "I can't get any closer. It doesn't feel right. He's dangerous." I sensed it too but I wasn't like Hera. I could let go of my 6th sense as easily as a breath.
  9. I tried to step around James but instead he got in my way. I scowled, "step aside." He looked at me sincerely with those puppy dog eyes of his and replied, "Emilia, there are things you don't know about that are very dangerous." I looked into his eyes, if I had the gift of sight, I would have been able to see his thoughts but I had the gift of hearing. I tried to listen for them but they were silent. Not even a whisper escaped them.
  10. I blinked in astonishment. Every human's thought were possible for me to hear, but his wasn't. James stood his ground. "Who is he?" I asked. James answered steadily, "An old acquaintance of Demitri. He's not someone you want to meet." I turned my heel and took Hera to the bar with me, ordering another drink. Something's not right and the guys are somehow involved in it. I closed my eyes and listened closely to the boy's conversation with Demitri.
  11. "What are you doing here, Matt?" Demitri insisted. Matt, so that was his name. Matt replied with amusement in his voice, "Demitri, old friend! Is that how you greet an old friend after all these years?" Demitri tightened his grip on Matt and I think I even heard a bone snap. Matt hissed and the two boys walked off the dance floor and into a room. Hera and I glanced at each other and nodded in silent agreement that we would follow them. We started dancing near the doors, hoping James or Kyle wouldn't show up.
  12. Demitri slammed Matt against the wall and Matt made an inhumane sound almost like a laughing animal about to die. "You've sure grown strong, Demitri." Matt said, roughly. Demitri growled and slammed him against the wall again, "I told you to disappear. You should not have shown up here. Especially with the girls this clueless!" Demitri sounded angry and frustrated. He could not have been the same boy I met earlier today.
  13. Matt gave a cruel laugh that made my skin prickle. "I'm not the only one who knows about them, Detri, He knows." Another hard slam was heard and I think I heard something snap. "He knows what they are." Matt coughed. Demitri growled an inhuman growl as another snap was heard. I started to get nervous. "What exactly does he know?" Matt coughed some more but he still answered, "He knows Emilia's fate and Hera's future. He KNOWS." He emphasized with a malicious laugh.
  14. Thumping was heard in the room and I became uneasy. Hera looked worried and with one deep breath, we charged into the room. Demitri had his hand on Matt's throat and Matt held him to the ground. I froze when I saw the furniture was destroyed. "Emilia!" Demitri shouted in surprise. Matt looked at me and grinned. I turned to my side and saw that Hera was not there. A hint of panic went through my body and held me still. Where was Hera?
  15. I saw Matt lean into Demitri and whisper in his ear, "I came for the girls." With that, he twisted Demitri's neck with a dreadful snap. I flinched at the sound and I knew in a second what that was. That was the sound I knew well in movies when one dies. Without thinking the words escaped my lips, "Demitri!" my voice was shrill and panicky. Crap, I thought, I showed weakness. Matt lunged at me and I jumped out of the way. His speed was incredible for a human, if he was human at all.
  16. "Come on, Emilia. I won't hurt you." He said eerily. He didn't have a heartbeat, just like Demitri. Even without a heartbeat I could tell he was lying. What were they? Matt pounced for me again and this time a swung at him with a chair. "Hera!" I shouted as I swung at him with the chair again. I hit him in the shoulder but he didn't seem affected. I spit in his eye, blinding him and he growled. I took this opportunity to jump on him. He reached his arms up and pulled me down easily.
  17. "Stupid girl!" Matt snarled. He threw clawed at me with nails I didn't see there before. I fell off, head first. "Ow!" I groaned as I landed on my back. He came at me, one eye red, and the other light blue. I acted quickly and tripped him. He landed on his back with a grunt. Hera charged into the room, "Em!" James and Kyle came in after her. Kyle rushed to Demitri's side and James handled Matt. Hera ran to me stammering something about James and Kyle not letting her through, despite the racket in here.
  18. "Crap!" Kyle mumbled under his breath, "James, we need to get Demitri out of here. I suddenly felt very heavy. "Demitri. I walked in and Matt snapped his throat. I should have done something, I could have done something!" I spoke quickly. James cut me off and said, "Don't worry. He'll be alright." I shook my head. "He's dead! I saw him die right before my eyes!" "Just make sure Matt doesn't go anywhere." Kyle commanded. I thought about it and decided to obey orders for once. As I turned to look at Matt, I saw that he was gone, leaving the door open.

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