are you a good friend?

there are many people who dont have friends but they will because everybody learns from their mistakes. so keep trying because afterall everybody has a freind , they just dont know. but never give up.

are you truly a good friend? are you loyal? can someone confide in you? well , thanks to this quiz you can find out instantly. have fun! dont get upset if you score low because it doesnt mean you will never have friends.

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  1. if your friend was sick in the hospital what would you do to make them happy?
  2. if it was your friends birthday what would you get them?
  3. if your friends parents just broke up and your friend as crying what would you do to comfort them?
  4. you had a big fight with your best friend but then you relize that you feel sorry. what would you do?
  5. your at a party and a boy/girl you and your friend have a crush on is there. your friend is in love with him or her. what would you do to get the boy/girl to dance with your friend?
  6. you and your friend are having a sleepover and you guys are fighting about which pizza topping you should order. what do you do?
  7. your friend was absenttoday and needs help with her homework you brought her today at her house. what do you do?
  8. your friend asks you if you ever lied to her before. how do you answer?
  9. did you like my quiz?
  10. do you think your a best friend

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Quiz topic: Am I a good friend?