Are you a good friend?

few people are good friends people who care for others but then agian there might be you ...or you...or you .. so many people that could be good friends good roll models and then there are the people who just dont care dont be that persome be a good friend!!

are you a good friend?Do you have the time to spend with your friend?Until now you coukd oonly wonder.But thanks to this great quiz you found out that you are or are not a good friend are you are you ARE YOU?

Created by: sarah
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  1. you gurl is crying, her boy friend said "we should see other ppl"so you..
  2. your friends forgets her lunch at home you..
  3. your friend is having a bad day you..
  4. you friend is smoking pot you....
  5. your friend turns on a song that you dont like but she loves, you..
  6. you forget your friends big sweet 16 you
  7. your friends boyfriend asks you out behind her back you..
  8. your friend is getting ready for prom and has a horrible hair style and asks you how she looks you...
  9. you know your bf's boy is cheeting you
  10. are you a good friend?

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Quiz topic: Am I a good friend?