how good a friend are you?

Being a good friend is a job in itself, and having a good friend is a joy. While everyone would love to HAVE a ton of good friends, the question is are they willing to put in the work to BE one.

Are you a good friend? A bad Friend? A great Friend? Do you possess the qualities that make people happy to have you in their lives? OR are you a self centered loner? Take this quiz for the answers, and to see how you rate.

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What is your gender?
Would you take your friend to their doctors appointment and wait with them on your day off?
Of course!
Only if it was a serious illness
No, but I would pay for a cab.
Naw, I'd rather sleep in or watch tv
Would you help your friend pack and move to a new home?
I'm there, working hard.
I'd give them one day of my time
I'd stop over to help for a few hours.
I'd make an excuse why I couldn't help
NO way, I wouldn't ask them to help me
I'd tell them to hire a moving company
YOur friend has been kicked out of their apartment. What would you offer?
Come stay with me as long as you want, for free.
Come live here for a couple months I need help with the bills anyway.
YOu can live here for a couple weeks while you find another place.
You can spend a couple days here, until you get yourself together.
I'll pay for a night in a hotel for you.
Maybe you could stay at your parents house?
Your friend had a death in the family. How would you help?
Be there from start to finish, planning arrangement and letting them cry on your shoulder.
Let her call and talk as much as she wants. Be a good listener
Attend the funeral.
send a card, or flowers
Call and offer sympathy
Do nothing. It's not something you can handle
YOur friend is broke, and they are about to shut off her electricity. What do you do?
Pay her bill anonymously
Give her the money as a gift
Offer to loan her the money
Give her advice how to borrow the money
Say you are sorry for her troubles
Do nothing. THat's not my business
YOur friend wants you to care for her 4 dogs while she is on vacation for 2 weeks.
Sure, bring them to my house.
I'll stop over twice a day and feed and walk them.
Maybe I could do every other day, and you could get someone else to share the job.
How much does it pay?
Give the name of Kennel
say, sorry, but no way
YOur friend is home sick and alone with the flu. Can you help?
Go over every day to get what she needs
Call every day to see how she is and if you can get her something.
Call a couple times to see how she is feeling.
Tell her to call you if she needs something
Leave her alone to get better, and send a card
Call her in a week or so when she is better.
YOur friend needs help painting her new apartment. Can you help?
From picking the colors, to scraping to painting the third coat, I am there.
I can help for a couple hours.
I'll stop over with some beer and advice.
Offer the name of a good painter
Sorry I can't help, I'm busy
Just don't answer the phone until you know the painting is done.
Your friend just got engaged to someone you hate. What do you do?
Be happy for her, and keep your opinions to yourself
Try to nicely tell her what you think of their new fiancee
TEll her all the brutal truth, she will thank you in the long run.
Distance yourself, and spend time only with her, not with them
TEll her if she is with him, she can't be friends with you anymore.
Decide that you don't want any part of that couple, and stop taking their calls.
YOur friend's car is in the shop and she asks to borrow your extra one, that happens to be your baby.
It's all yours for as long as you need it.
Uhm, You can borrow it for anything that has to get done.
I'll drive you where you need to go.
I'll let you borrow my bicycle, if you really need it.
Get them a bus schedule
Don't get back to them until their car is fixed.
IT's your friend's 30th birthday and she is depressed
throw her a party, buy her a great present and keep it positive.
Take her shopping for something she has always wanted and pay for it.
Buy her joke "old" gifts
Send her a card.
Ignore it totally, and maybe she will just let it go by.

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