How good of a friend are you?

Some people are good friends others are bad friends.There are even people that are perfect friends and there a friends that are terrible friends.If you dont have friends that means that as friend you must be more than horrible for a friend.

Are you a good friend or are you a bad friend.You may thunk you are a bad friend or a good friend but you still don't know the truth.You can only ask yourself but now with the quiz Are you a good friend you can find out if you are a good or a bad friend

Created by: viktor
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  1. If you and your best friend are being chased by bandits and you best friend falls on the ground will you pick him up but sacrafice yourself.
  2. If you and your best friend love metal and you have one ticket to a metal concert but you can get another ticket for your friend with the money you were saving will you do it.
  3. If you have one chocolate wafer but you friend wants to eat one but he doesn't have money will you give the wafer to him.
  4. If you and you friend are ind the forest and you have food but just a little and you two are hungry and your friend says:Please give me a little.Im so hungry>What will you do?
  5. If you are at your home with your friend and he want's to play on your computer but you want to play too what will you say.
  6. If your friend has a cool game and you want to play it what will you say to your friend
  7. Do you think your a good friend
  8. Describe yourself.
  9. Describe your friends
  10. Do you think your friends are good friends

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Quiz topic: How good of a friend am I?