How much fun are you?!

Sometimes in life we find ourselfs asking why we have fun with some people and not with others. Yet at the same time we wonder if those people are having fun with us or if they are FAKING it! Fun is whatever makes you feel good and have a great time and no matter what others think. But can you cross over to extend a good time to a friend?

Find out here! This quiz has had some serious thought and even a little help with psychological expertise to decipher weather or not your a killer party friend, or a party killer!

Created by: Allea

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  1. Have you ever got drunk and went skinny dipping with more than one friend?
  2. When a friend is down for ANY reason, what is your plan of attack?
  3. Your out at the local bar with your friends having a great time and your ex pops up. Not only are they with someone new, hot and drunk, but they just dumped you four days ago, and their new fling is a good buddy from college/high school. What do you do?
  4. You are going on a LONG trip, what are you packing for the road?
  5. Favorite Color?
  6. Out of the following choose one:
  7. What IS on your Ipod?
  8. What was your last night out about?
  9. Someone in your gang has had just a bit much to drink, they go for the keys and...
  10. You have the kids (or are sitting) and your best friends b-day is today you...

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Quiz topic: How much fun am I?!