What kind of friend are you?

Are you a good friend or a bad friend? Are you a backstabber or the one being backstabbed? Sometimes the only person to talk to is your best friend, but are you a good friend to them? Remember when everyone ditched you that one time when you were little and then found out you were rich and decided to be your friend? Well, I don't, but you do and you need to know how your friendships are adding up!

Are you a good friend, is she a better friend? And most importantly, are you guys even friends? Take this quiz to find out how good your friendship really is!

Created by: Cassie
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  1. Your most likely answer to the question,"Did you get invited to *your friend's name's* birthday party this weekend?!?!"
  2. How much time do you and your best friend(s) spend with eachother?
  3. When you spend the night with your friends, where do you sleep, and if you sleep in the same bed, does it feel weird to you?
  4. When you get a new boy friend, what do your friends act like?
  5. Are your friends the kind that would offer you drugs or alcohol? Would you take the offer
  6. Do you think you and your best friend(s) will still be friends in 10 years?
  7. You're in the hallway, one of your best friends is getting cussed out and threatenned by some mean person who just wants to cause trouble, what do you do?
  8. What one-word adjective would you use to describe your friendships.
  9. Why do you like to hang out with your friends?
  10. If you had a choice, and answer honestly, would you choose 1 million dollars, or a true friend?

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Quiz topic: What kind of friend am I?