What friend Are You?

There are goodfriends, and awful friends. You must have special qualities to be a best friend. There are many pairs of best friends in the world but many people have trouble finding out what kind of friend they are. After all best best friends only come around once in a while. They are like sisters destany forgot to hand you. The family you can chose.

So what kind of friend are you? Good, Bad, Ok, or what? You must find out somehow or another. And if you have to find out, then you might as well take this quiz I spent hours working on...ok not hours but some of my valuable time...Come one, come all and take the best friend quiz.

Created by: Nikki
  1. Your friend spills a secret about you...you?
  2. You see your friend at the movies with your boyfriend...you?
  3. Fill In The Blank: You_____ Your Best Friend
  4. This Is A Blank...Pick One
  5. Your friend just dyed her hair neon purple..you?
  6. Name a song that describes your freindship....
  7. Your friend gives you a hug...you?
  8. Describe Your friendship
  10. rate the quiz

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Quiz topic: What friend am I?