Are you a good friend?

People without friends...rejoice! This quiz might just prove you have friend-potential! could just show that you're a total moron and couldn't get a friend to save your life. Either way, take the quiz and find out.

Are you an amazing friend? Do you hate society? Are you related to a pirate? In this quiz, you'll only find out 2 of the 3, but hey! I need to put something in this box.

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  1. A kid two years younger than you is being picked on. Your response to the event is:
  2. Your friend is having a rough day. Your response:
  3. You're driving down the street when you see your friend's car. It's upside down and about to burst into flames. No one is present except you. What do you do?
  4. Your friend just told you his/her darkest secret. You tell another friend that you have a secret no one knows about. They say "tell me the secret or I won't give you the twenty-five dollars I promised you last week." Your response?
  5. A friend of yours has just been murdered. Do you attend their funeral?
  6. A person in your school that you do not know well sits alone at lunch. You...
  7. You are eating a candy bar. A homeless person eyes it and begs you for a piece. You...
  8. What type of friend do you think you are?
  9. Why?
  10. Was this quiz fun?

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Quiz topic: Am I a good friend?