I'm a good friend. Right?

Friends are always there butu only if they can trust you. If you are a good friend you know, and if you don't quite know, you will find out. Take the quiz to see how well you rank as a good or bad friend.

Are you a really good friend? Are you fit to be the BEST friend ever? Test yourself to see if you can be trusted by friends in "I'm a good friend. Right?" quiz.

Created by: kasey
  1. How many friends do you have?
  2. Do you have many best friends?
  3. Has anyone ever called you a trustworthy friend?
  4. Do you have friends that come to you to vent?
  5. Do you have one friend that you go to to vent?
  6. Do you tell your friends all your secrets?
  7. Do your friends know who your crush is?
  8. Do you look to your friends for questions about life?
  9. Do you talk to your friends religously?
  10. When do you laugh?

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