How well do you know Daryna?

How well do you know me? Just as a random person whose name you know, a classmate or a friend? Or maybe you're my own clone? Do you talk to me enough to even know something about me, or do you know things I only tell to my closest friends?

Find this out in a "How well do you know Daryna?" quiz! You can find out if you and me live in the other universes or a desk away! And whatever the result you get, remember that you can always ask me and take the quiz again(if I'm nice enough to tell you)!

Created by: Daryna
  1. What is Daryna's favorite animal?
  2. What is Daryna's favourite bookseries?
  3. Daryna's warrior name is?
  4. Daryna's prevous school was?
  5. Daryna's favourite color is
  6. What is Daryna's least favourite subject?
  7. What is Daryna's favourite subject?
  8. What color is Daryna's cat(mostly)
  9. Daryna's mom(well, you must know something about my parents!) works as
  10. Daryna did not
  11. Daryna's BF is
  12. Daryna's clothes are mostly
  13. According to the test Ms. Huismans gave us, I am the color
  14. Daryna has ___ Warriors books
  15. Daryna's favorite sport is
  16. Before coming to Canada, Daryna lived in__________(town)
  17. Daryna is(pick the one that you think is closest to her description of herself)
  18. The person Daryna likes the most in our class is?(as a boyfriend)
  19. The person Daryna likes the most in our class is?(as a boyfriend)
  20. Finally, how many hours Daryna spends on the computer assuming its a weekday

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Daryna?