How well do you know Tabby?

Tabby is a very strange person. She is random and crazy. She likes many things that other people do not like. Her mind tends to work in weird ways, hahaha. And she does not have very many friends.

Would you make a good friend for Tabby? If you know Tabby, you'd better do well! If you don't know Tabby, good luck! Let's see how well you and Tabby would get along.

Created by: Tabby

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  1. What is Tabby's favorite color?
  2. What are Tabby's favorite bands?
  3. Who is Tabby's favorite Male/Female celebrity?
  4. Just pick one!
  5. What is Tabby's favorite movies?
  6. Which is NOT one of Tabby's nicknames?
  7. What is Tabby's favorite animal?
  8. What does Tabby like to do in her spare time?
  9. What number question is this?
  10. Pick a number.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Tabby?