How well do you know Tara Gilesbie?

Tara Gilesbie aka XXXbloodyrists666XXX aka goffikgurl666: The girl whose terrible writing single-handedly brought the internet to its knees. Have you read the above section on Ebony Way? Good. Well, being that Tara is a suethor, her description is basically the same, minus the vampirism, magical powers, and attractiveness to the opposite sex. Tara has the strange habit of classifying the world based on three distinct groups: preps (people who like Hilary Duff, the color pink, or anything that Tara dislikes), posers (people like Avril Lavigne who pretend to be goth) and goths (people like her; morons). Tara defines herself by her goffikness. She wears goffik clothes, listens to goffik music, watches goffik movies, cuts her wrists, worships Satan, and eats Count Chocula.

Recently, as of November 16th, 2012, another suspected profile belonging to Tara was found. The person who found it (the person who added this edit - the amazing Katie Buckley) looked through the person's stories and found many parallels with Tara's work. Both the recently found story and My Immortal feature a Mary-Sue with an obscenely long name, hot Harry's, riding to gothic band concerts in cars, and things like that. You are welcome to go look at the account - her name is GothPrincess666 and one of her Favorite Authors is Raven. I just request that you not troll her too much, otherwise she might delete the story or something.

Created by: Otaku 1234

  1. What is her youtube account?
  2. What was her FIRST account name
  3. What is her current name?
  4. In what chapter does Tara gilesbie use the Evenesence song "Bring Me To Life" as the title.
  5. How does Tara describe her character when she jumps into a bucket?
  6. Out of these what does Tara hate the most?
  7. In what chapter does Tara switch view points from Ebony to Draco?
  8. In chapter nine how does Tara spell "besides"?
  9. In Tara's youtube video she mentions that you have to do what to be a real goth?
  10. In another one of Tara's video she says she wants to get her hair to be like

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Tara Gilesbie?