are you a good friend?

there are many type of friends, best friends, friends, and backstabbing, two-faced friends. which one are you? do you ever wonder if you are making the right desions with your friends, and being a good friend? find out now!!

what type of friend are you? find out now, to see if you should keep up the good best friend work, or take friendship lessons,and become a better friend.

Created by: flirtasticmooingmooseluver
  1. you and youre friend are planning a super sleepover friday night, but then the guy you like asks you out to a movie, what do you do?
  2. your friend is about to buy the UGLIEST dress EVER. do you tell her?
  3. when you are with others, do you talk about youre other friends?(gossip about your friends)
  4. do you get in lots of fights with your friend?
  5. your friend just got through a rough brakeup, would you ever date her ex?
  6. would you ever lie to your friend?
  7. would you ever steal from your friend?
  8. would you ever bail on your friend?
  9. your friend wants to sing in the talent show at your school, but you know she can't sing at all, do you tell her?
  10. if your best friend's boyfriend flirted with you, would you tell her?
  11. if your friend was about to do something terribly stupid, or danderous(drugs, stunts, eating disorders, steal...)would you tell her parents even if she told you not to?
  12. if you saw your friend on a date with another guy, besides her boyfriend, would you tell her boyfriend?

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Quiz topic: Am I a good friend?