One Tree Hill season 5

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Created by: Michelle
  1. in season five Luke was dating...
  2. What is the name of Nathan and Hayley's son?
  3. What is the name of Jamie's Nanny?
  4. How did Lindsey wear her hair for the wedding?
  5. What is Quinton's nickname?
  6. When Jamie falls in the pool and Nathan pulls him out what dose Hayley scream?
  7. Who dose Luke marry in season 5?
  8. How many times has Luke proposed?
  9. How old dose Jamie turn on his season 5 b-day?
  10. What is the bartenders name?
  11. Who comforts Brook in the hospitale when the baby has surgery?
  12. When dose Brook fire her mother?
  13. What was Brooks mothers job for C.over B.

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