One Tree Hill Quiz

This is to see if you are a one tree hill fanatic or not. Are you?

One tree hill lovers only!! Good luck!

Created by: cheyenne
  1. In the "Dare Night" episode, who dresses up as girl scouts?
  2. In What Year Was "One Tree Hill" first premiered?
  3. What Is The Relationship Between Nathan & Lucas Scott?
  4. Who Killed Keith?
  5. Who Is The Creator Of "One Tree Hill"?
  6. As stated on Disc Three of the first Season Box Set, "One Tree Hill" was originally planned to be a film, what was the name?
  7. Which of the following artists have NOT participated on the show?
  8. "There is only one tree hill, and it's your home" Who claims this line?
  9. Who goes on a date with Brooke as a result of the Boy Toy Auction?
  10. What is "Jules'" real name?
  11. Lucas has a generic heart condition, what's it called?
  12. Who Tells Lucas who Killed Keith?
  13. Haley and Nathans honeymoon was to London. But why?
  14. Who was the school shooter?
  15. Who does Dan First think tried to kill him in the fire?
  16. What was the first gift Nathan gave Haley?
  17. During the school shooting, Nathan finds haley in the tutor room but in order for her to let him in what do they say to each other?

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