Who Are You Most Like From One Tree Hill?

Have you ever wondered who you are most like on One Tree Hill? WHo would you be cast as if you got a part? It would help you determine who your favorite character is. Do you like to party? Do you like to draw? Do you try your best? DO you tutor people?

Take this quiz and find out which personality you are most like? Are you Brooke, Hailey or Peyton? Are you moody? Are you preppy and popular? Do you dress appropriately and fall in love in high school? Is your best friend a boy or a girl?

Created by: jenn
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  1. You are bored and want to do something. You:
  2. You are sad. You:
  3. You are stressing about a test. You:
  4. You need a new outfit. You:
  5. It is a Friday night. You:
  6. It is raining and you decide what movie to watch. The movie is:
  7. You buy a song on itunes. It is:
  8. You are at a slumber party. You want to play:
  9. You are buying a new car. You get:
  10. You need a new necklace. You get:
  11. You are on the computer. You:

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Quiz topic: Who am I Most Like From One Tree Hill?