Major One Tree Hill Trivia

if you honestly think you have what it takes to be a genius in one tree hill then you need to take this quiz. this is the best show ever you need to watch this show. there are many smart people so do not freak out if you do not know everything about one tree hill like me...

are you a genius? do you think you have the brainpower or what it takes to pass this quiz? thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out. so just sit back and enjoy this quiz. lets see if you are a true one tree hill so tune in every week to watch one tree hill on the cw!!!!

Created by: arica
  1. who is the youngest of the scott's?
  2. who is best friends with Brooke?
  3. who is dating Mouth in the 5th season?
  4. who kissed who first?
  5. what happened to mom number 2 to Peyton?
  6. what shirt is chris keller wearing when they arrive in Honey Grove, Texas?
  7. what is the Honey Grove mascot?
  8. who wore a blue suit at the Honey Grove prom?
  9. how many people went to go get mouth from Honey Grove?
  10. what did mouth text luke?
  11. what was on the back of the photo that rachel gave mouth?
  12. what is nathan's brother's full name?
  13. what color does jamie want his soapbox racecar to be?
  14. what number is on the side of jamie's soapbox racecar?
  15. who sponsers jamie's racecar(who is on the jumper brooke made him)?
  16. there are _______ raven coach(s) in season 5.
  17. when does haley go into labor?
  18. what and who cased tha accident in season 3?
  19. what does chris keller say to or about haley staying the night on the tour bus in season 4?
  20. who plays chris keller, what country music star's video has he been in and for what song?
  21. how many minutes is luke allowed to play in the THHS basket ball game?
  22. what is the name of tim's son in season 5?
  23. what pop star plays mia?
  24. who hits rachel at a pre- prom partty?
  25. whan is moria kelly really pregnant?
  26. who wears a purple sparkel suit at Honey Grove prom?
  27. who kisses brooke at a "Goodbye" party in season 4?
  28. what show is chase from, and what is his real name?
  29. how long did peyton want luke to wait for her in season 5?
  30. who has appeared on gilmore girls?
  31. who plays minks in boy meets world?
  32. who was in "Bring it on Again"?
  33. whoes middle name is Martin?
  34. who is in "John Tucker Must Die"?
  35. how many scotts are inseason 5?
  36. what is luke's little sister's full name?
  37. what is nathan and haley's son's full name?
  38. who are jamie's godparents?
  39. how far apart are nathan and luke, and who is older?
  40. why is peyton mad at luke in season 5?

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