One Tree Hill Connected Quiz

Think you may be one the smartest "One Tree Hill" fans ever? Then you should take this quiz and test your knowledge on OTH trivia. See how much you REALLY know about this show!

Think you may be one the smartest "One Tree Hill" fans ever? Test your knowledge on some easy and some not so easy OTH related trivia questions. How much do you REALLY know about this show?

Created by: Ryan
  1. (Easy) Who shot and killed Keith in season 3?
  2. What is Brooke's middle name?
  3. Which of the following characters have NOT been in Season Five (thus far)?
  4. ______ referred to Haley as Avril Lavigne.
  5. Which character has Lucas NOT slept with?
  6. Why in season 2 did Lucas shave his head?
  7. At whose party did Nikki and Peyton have a cat fight in season 1?
  8. Nick was Brooke's new _____ teacher.
  9. What grade did Mouth and Lucas meet?
  10. Peyton and Brooke has had a birthday tradition ever since Brooke's __ birthday.
  11. Who is Student Council President?
  12. How many people died the day of the school shooting?
  13. ______ said, "Or we could cut out my heart and you could stomp on it."
  14. Nathan is ____'s son.
  15. _____ tried to hang his/her self in season 4.

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