Are you a big One Tree Hill fan?

Lots of people think they are big One Tree Hill fans, so here's a test to prove it. You have to know alot of the important stuff to beat this quiz. Why dont you try it.

Can you take the One Tree Hill quiz and get them all right, lets see? I bet if you love One Tree Hill you will pass this quiz, but take and see just to make sure.

Created by: CD
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  1. Who is Lucas's brother?
  2. Who marry's Haley?
  3. Who opened the time capsule?
  4. Who does Keith ask to marry him the first time?
  5. Who does Karen date after Keith?
  6. Who does Keith date and almost marry after Karen?`
  7. Who does Lucas ask to marry him?
  8. Who gets pregnant in highschool besides Karen?
  9. Who dates Lucas first?
  10. Who is your favorite character?

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Quiz topic: Am I a big One Tree Hill fan?