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this is a great quiz. just take this wonderful quiz and see if you are a genius. do you think you are a genius? do you think you can pass this quiz? this is not a hard quiz but you do need to know you stuff about one tree hill to be a true fan. keep watching one tree hill every week on the cw!!!!

do you think you have what it takes to pass this one tree hill quiz? do you think you are a genius? do not worry if you do not pass... not every one can be as smart as me!! thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out! so do not forget to watch one tree hill every week!!!

Created by: arica
  1. who slept;kissed;slapped (with) chris keller?
  2. what is lukes jersey number in season 4?
  3. how many men are in jail with mouth?
  4. what is haley's hit song in season 3?
  5. who was shot in the THHS library, and who saved them?
  6. what happened to lindsay's father?
  7. how many people are locked in the THHS library in season 5?
  8. what is luke wearing the first time you see him in season 1?
  9. who is adopted?
  10. what is peyton's mom number one's name?
  11. who is the first person to sing at tric?
  12. what is physco derek's real name?
  13. peytion's real brother in in the _____?
  14. what color are the graduation gowns?
  15. when is james lafferty's B-day and what sign is he?
  16. what number is skills's jersey?
  17. who stole the exam?
  18. why does brooke stay in clean teens?
  19. who is mouth's first girlfriend that we know of?
  20. how many kids does hilarie burton have?
  21. how many times does "naley" get married?
  22. who lets the girls out of the THHS library in season 5?
  23. what didn't brooke and mia want on their pizza in season 5?
  24. why does haley want a divorce in season 5?

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