are you a good boyfrriend?

this is a quiz that will tell you if your a good boyfriend. you have options from 3 to 6 choices. your results vary from excellent to horrible. good luck and remember to keep your girl happy if shes imporant to you.

are YOU a good boyfriend? do you have what it takes to make your girl smile? do you know what she likes? are you averagE? horrible? poor? okay? or excellent? do you need help with being a boyfriend?take this quiz and you will find out.

Created by: amanda
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  1. it's a friday night, and your friend is having some people over. uh oh, your girlfriend's not invited. where are you?
  2. your girlfriend asks you to stay away from a girl she doesn't like. you..
  3. another boy starts to flirt with your girlfriend. you..
  4. your girlfriend is upset and your pissed off. you..
  5. your on the phone with your girl and she wants to talk to you. you are..
  6. your girlfriend is short on money and asks her to buy her something to wear to a party. you ..
  7. you want to advance to the next step sexually. your girlfriend isn't comfortable doing it. you..
  8. your girlfriend says she loves you. you..
  9. you are a little bit testy and your girlfriend wants to talk. you..
  10. your out without your girlfriend. you..

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Quiz topic: Am I a good boyfrriend?