Do you know your companies?

There are population of people on earth, one of them is you. Everyone is smart, we're good at something's and do not so good on e.g if your good at Math, you maybe bad at Science

But, are you good at knowing about companies, this test will tell you how you scored, will you get 100% in the test, or aren't you good at the subject, we'll have to find out. Btw plz don't cheat, because I will count you as not that good!

Created by: Yourself
  1. Which country is McDonald's established?
  2. Hasbro is American, but what state is it from???
  3. Which US network's in Los Angeles?
  4. What country is 'Dominoes Pizza' from?
  5. Where is Lego From?
  6. What does IBM do?
  7. Which populaur US state is Dell from?
  8. Which Of these fast food resteraunts isn't a real one (simple)
  9. What does MB Games stand for?
  10. What does Bimbo do?
  11. What one of those McDonalds products isn't a real product

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Quiz topic: Do I know my companies?