Do you know slogans?

There are so many companies in this world, and many types of slogans. Some companies chose not to have slogans, but have you heard or seen any advertisement on television with slogans?

Do you think you know slogans? Can you match the right company to the right slogan that it associates with? Think you got it? Try this quiz to find out. Who knows, maybe you'll have a high score!

Created by: Frozen Heart
  1. What is Twix's slogan?
  2. What is Coca-Cola's slogan?
  3. What is Colgate Total's slogan?
  4. What is Monster Energy's slogan?
  5. What is Rice Crispies's slogan?
  6. What is Honda's slogan?
  7. What is the computer Apple's slogan?
  8. What is IPAD's slogan?
  9. What is Budweiser's slogan?
  10. What is Pizza Hut's slogan?

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Quiz topic: Do I know slogans?