How Well Do You Know Your Slogans?

Every company has a many of these do you know?...i don't get why this has to be 150 words or characters long, gosh, well here you go then...

Do you know you even want to? well, take this and see if they have stuck those slogans in your head nice and tight or not...i don't get why this has to be 150 words or characters long, gosh, well here you go then...

Created by: Nicole

  1. Match all the following with the correct companies: Have it your way
  2. moving forward
  3. don't get mad, get
  4. the quicker picker uper
  5. less is more
  6. thrive
  7. i'm thinkin'
  8. i'm lovin it
  9. ingredients for life
  10. gets carpets cleaner
  11. zoom zoom
  12. if you smush your car, take it to
  13. we'll pick you up
  14. you're now free to move about the country
  15. think outside the bun
  16. eatin good in the neighborhood
  17. eat fresh
  18. enjoy
  19. like a rock
  20. live in your world, play in ours
  21. we know drama
  22. that was easy
  23. see spot save
  24. get fired up
  25. eureka
  26. easy, breezy, beautiful
  27. maybe its
  28. how dirty boys get clean
  29. unlimit yourself
  30. it's a brand new day
  31. where the pets go
  32. your ticket to a better night sleep
  33. every kiss begins with
  34. just do it
  35. built ____ tough
  36. make it yours
  37. advance
  38. same planet, different world
  39. it's all coming back to you
  40. not just cartoons
  41. we'll hook you up
  42. it's in the game
  43. inspired performance
  44. we'll leave the light on for you
  45. life's good
  46. more bars in more places
  47. characters welcome
  48. king of beers

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know my Slogans?