Akatsuki Character Quiz

Have you ever wondered what Akatsuki character you are? Well, now's your chance! (If you were hoping to be Zetsu or Kakazu, sorry. They wouldn't fit).

Are you The Loyal Annoyance, The Posing Threat, The Messenger Angel, The Clay Bomber, The Puppeteer of Death, The Brother's Keeper, The Seafood, or The Immortal Martyr? Find out now!

Created by: Ian of Stupid in Stereo
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  1. Your stance on what is true art is:
  2. Your best friend betrayed your deepest secret to everyone. You
  3. Your Favorite Subject in school is:
  4. You are put in charge of school court. A very VIOLENT school court. What is the punishment for annoyances?
  5. Who is your favorite Akatsuki Character?
  6. Who is your least favorite Akatsuki Character
  7. You have a test this period that you haven't studied for. The smartest kid in class sits in front of you, answers plainly visible. What do you do?
  8. Naxaq ku aki do khan fere redana? Ghard kan xelos je.
  9. One (or two) word that describes you is: (Pick the best one)
  10. One (or two) words that describe you: (Pick the best one)

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