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Do you think you know your horror comedies? Do you think you watch and know all of them, well take this quiz and find out, smart guy. Oh, and breif curse words are used, quoted from braindead. And also, this is a pretty tough quiz, so don't get all up set if you don't make it and all your friends laugh at you, because we can't risk a riot.

Well, do you think you can dare to take this quiz, mainly based on the movies Brain Dead (Dead ALive) and Evil Dead? Do you think you have what it takes to answer these evil multiple choice questions? these short questions asking about movies from 1992 and below? I bet you cant take it at all.

Created by: yellowmadness54

  1. Does the Scary Movie franchise count as horror comedy?
  2. Which one of these features Bruce Cambell
  3. What was the original name of the censored and over edited movie, Dead Alive
  4. What did Father Mcgruder (the Preacher) say as he was beating up zombies in the film, Barin Dead
  5. In which film in the Evil Dead series did Ash replace his hand with a chainsaw?
  6. In Braindead, as Lionel walks into the zombie infested mansion with a lawn-mower, what does he say
  7. What was the book in Evil dead 2 that summoned the evil force called?
  8. In the first Evil Dead, what was the book called
  9. In the movie Brain Dead who was the first to become zombiefied?
  10. When Lionel was trying to house the zombies, who was the one who stuck his spoon a little too far (and by that I mean through the back of his mouth)
  11. Who became mad, and an extreme zombie killer, and later on got his spine ripped out and became the scariest looking zombie (if you ask me)

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