Could you survive a horror movie??

Many people have seen horror movies and thought thank gosh thats fake. But what if it wasn't? What if right now something horrible was about to happen like zombies creepy people and monsters coming to attack you?

Could YOU suvive in a horror Movie?? Could you defeat the crazy things that only happen in horror movies. Don't just guess about your surviving probabiltiies prove it! Take this quiz!

Created by: Jackie

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  1. You are at a Friends house and you and her/him hear something outside
  2. Your staying in a large hotel in the middle of no where because you dad is taking care of it your brother starts acting weird and you dad is going totally insane and trying to kill everyone with an ax
  3. Your friend starts acting weird. And while you and another friend are their house they try to attack you
  4. Your staying in a cabin with your friends in the words when someone starts clawing at the door
  5. You and your friend are going to pay your respects to your dead Father. When you get there he gets up and starts yelling "BRAINS!!!"
  6. You and your boyfriend/Girlfriend are at a resturant together when something starts to crawl out of you food
  7. Your friend calls and says someone creepy is staring into her window
  8. Your friend gets killed by a clown You...
  9. You are in a pub and zombies are surrounding it You....
  10. You are trapped in cave and are surrounded by bats you...

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