wouild yu survive a horror movie come to life

ever wonder if you would survive a horror well now you can find out youll fight killers monsters and vampires intill you reach the end of this amazing quiz just remeber if your kinda yundg and you can picture gorey sceness and scare easy dont take this

now go into the movie and just hope your survive the HORROR MOVIE SURIVAL QUIZ!!now i wish you luck as you depart feel free to comment and plz i like you alldont let this scare you its just a stupid quiz that i hope wont scare you cause its a theory of brains

Created by: Nox
  1. would you walk in the woods alone with your girlfriend if a killer was on the loose
  2. if you saw a bloody hut full of bodies and you heard a noise what would you do
  3. lets say you looking for a house and you see a beware sign in front of a for sale mansion what would you do
  4. (no affect on quiz)how do you like the quiz so far
  5. if you saw someone looking at you in the wods with dagger eyes what would you do
  6. AHH Look behind you!
  7. say you selected quickly make a plan to get away on numbuh 4 what would you plan be
  8. say your going out wiht a girl and your about to kiss herbut when your going you see fangs and she seems to be going for your neck what do you do
  9. 1 more question after this
  10. your surrounded by killers and you have a gun with one bullet what do you do

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