What type of movie is your life.?

What type of movie is your life.? if it filled with.. drama or are you a gut buster comedy, or a slasher horror or maybe something else, find out, TAKE THE QUIZ.

youre about to find youre true meaning of life.. BAHAHAHAHaHaHaH nat, youre actully gonna find out what kind of movie youre life would be, so take said quiz.

Created by: crystal digiuseppe

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  1. youre in a bad situation, youre the kind of person who would...
  2. youre with a bunch of friends when you see a guy/girl who happens to be smokin-hot, you..
  3. you and your friends come across an old hospital and you see something in the window , your friends want to check it out and you say..
  4. youre on a roadtrip .. the music blaring from the speakers would be..
  5. you just broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend the only thing you want to do is...
  6. you have a job interview for your DREAM JOB, you...
  7. your friend is upset about something that happened with their girlfriend/boyfriend you ask them if they want to...
  8. you see an old lady fall on the side walk, you ...
  9. youre at an amusement park , the kind of ride you would go on is.
  10. youre at the movie store, you rent the movie...

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Quiz topic: What type of movie is my life.?