What Movie Are You?

Have you ever watched a movie and wondered 'would I be a good character for this movie?'? Well, Even if you say no, I'm pretty sure that you have. It all depends on your personality. Who you are, what you like to do. Some of it also depends on your social life or what type of friends you have.Again, it all depends.

So, do you belong in an action-packed thriller? Or an Adventure filled flick? Maybe you belong in a Musical, where you could do the one thing you love to do, sing! It could be that you are a true Eddie Murphey and love to make people laugh. You can wonder and wonder fo a long time. But thanks to this quiz, after answering a couple of easy questions, you will find out!

Created by: Jamie
  1. What Type Of Movie Do You Like Watching?
  2. What is your best talent?
  3. Is there drama in your life?
  4. Are you adventurous or more laidback?
  5. Are you competitive?
  6. Are you and your friends close? Or is more of a 'I have them, but who needs them' situation?
  7. Would you ratehr go on a trip alone, or with someone else?
  8. What type of movie do you think you could star in?
  9. Who Is your favorite Character?
  10. What is your social life like?

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Quiz topic: What Movie am I?