How well do you know Shaun of the Dead?

Shaun of the Dead is an amazing movie filled with comedy, love, and best of all, zombies! It's one of the best zombie movies by far. If you've seen it, you probably agree.

Have you ever wondered how well you know Shaun of the dead? Well, wonder no longer! Take this short quiz and find out just how much of a fan YOU are. Warning: some questions are pretty difficult.

Created by: Monty Python

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  1. What is Shaun's mom's name?
  2. Who was the first character to become a zombie?
  3. What was Dave's weapon of choice?
  4. What was the song playing when Shaun and his group were fighting the zombified pub owner.
  5. f'ucka
  6. True or false, Shaun and Liz get back together.
  7. True or false, Ed has a job.
  8. Who shoots Shaun's mom when she's a zombie?
  9. Who does Liz live with?
  10. Why does the pub have a rifle?
  11. Easy question: Who lives?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Shaun of the Dead?