what animal r u

what are you a human a dragon a monkey or a dead thing. well i know people don't read this so just start. hi hi bye hi bye hi you hi you bye bye FISH gut yes fish gut have fun i don't care

bye hi cya take this quiz now ramen rules yes it does it is so good you should try it. or not. your life this just has to be fish hi i hateing this so much right now monkey dragon human dead MONKEYS

Created by: lindsay

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what are your friends like.
  2. Do you like ramen ( also called instant noodles for you who don't know )
  3. Do you hate me yet?
  4. Tough if you hate me cuz guess what. THIS IS ONLY THE SIXTH QUESTION.
  5. what is freindship street? ( yes this place is real i walked down it before and some of these things happen there )
  6. MEAT
  7. what anime do you like
  8. hi
  9. what did you think i was done
  10. so what do you think you got

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