GotTwinz? Trivia

There are many parents of multiples out there, most don't know about the treasure that is It's not just about parenting twins or multiples. It's not even just about parenting. It's about friendship, fun, bonding and support. It's a family. Let's see how much you know about GotTwinz (GZ). Or should I say, how much you have yet to discover?

This quiz touches on some fun stuff about the site, about some members, and about the wonderful GZ family. Want to see how much GZ trivia you know? In just a few minutes you will find out.

Created by: Sofa King
  1. What is the sub-title under the name Got Twinz? on our home page?
  2. Who is the current champion of Maj Jong in the arcade at GZ?
  3. If you see Spiders at GZ, what should you do?
  4. GZ has a member who's user name was MUD for a while. Who was MUD?
  5. GZ has a program specifically for comforting families after the loss of a child. It is called ____________?
  6. Lilac, who's user name used to be Slurpee, chose Lilac because it
  7. The Gymnasium forum at GZ (in the paid member forums) is
  8. Pezzy's name used to be just PEZ, but originally, it was
  9. MIN's DH (dear husband) is a GZ member and used to be a MOD as well. His user name is:
  10. The number of current active members who have triplets is:
  11. Got Twinz? creative forum names are almost all based on one theme. That theme is:
  12. Sofa King picked her user name because
  13. One of our members has a husband who is deployed right now. Many of us have yellow ribbon badges in his honor and in honor of all of all armed servicemen and woman around the world. This member is:
  14. The three oldest sets of twins whose parents belong to GZ are:
  15. We have one active member who isn't a parent of twins, but is an aunt of twins. Who is it?
  16. If you type the smilie code :rofl What smilie will show up?
  17. Which member has twin girls and knows more about breast feeding and it's benefits than almost anyone? She can help you through any hurdle and advise you without judgment.
  18. What is a POF? A POF is a Privately Owned Forum. Members can have their OWN forum to allow members to opt in, or make it by invitation only. Which of these is NOT a member's POF at GZ

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