Knowing Ian Sample...

What does it mean to know? What is said about someone who claimes they know another person? Is it enough to know how many siblings they have or what their favorite food is? I say, NO! So lets see how well you KNOW me, IAN SAMPLE!

The IAN SAMPLE test. WHO is he? WHERE did he go in life? WHAT is he really like? I dont have the answers but I want to see if you do!? And if youre correct, he might just write you in his will!

Created by: Ian
  1. Hey, What is my full name?
  2. What school did I attend for the least amount of time?
  3. What did my Father do back in the 70's and 80's?
  4. Where is my tattoo?
  5. What size Nike shoe do I wear?
  6. If I were stuck on an island, what kind of music would I hope to have with me?
  7. Why did the doctors think I might have been retarted at birth?
  8. What is one other country I have been to?
  9. My siblings names are...think hard
  10. What is at least one of my life goals?
  11. What is my biggest fear?

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