Sample Math quiz

My quiz is a sample math quiz to test to see if I like this site. I'm finding all of these descriptions to be extremely time-consuming and annoying. You have to be kidding me. Shouldn't this stuff be an option, not a requirement?

Please don't put gibberish or excessive repeating characters in the paragraph and parting word fields just to make the minimum length. This creates a very junky looking quiz that will probably be hidden by the admins or even deleted.

Created by: selias33 of wbasd
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  1. What is 2 + 2?
  2. 3+1=?
  3. 1+1=?
  4. 3+4=?
  5. 5+6=?
  6. 8+1=?
  7. 3+2=?
  8. 2+3=?
  9. 4+5=?
  10. 6+6=?

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