How well do you know maths?

There are various math problems, usually all are cool. Man life sucks without them! Solving math problems it staying in paradise! Bytheway, this is sarcasm.

How well do you know maths? Could you do 7^7 in a second, or stay 1 hour for 1+1? Well find out now with this cool easy mind-bending quiz. And don't f--- me you bot this IS 150 signs!!!!!!

Created by: Armorkage
  1. 2+2=?
  2. if you have 2 apples then eat one how many are left?
  3. if in a triangle one angle is 90 and one angle s 80, what is the third angle?
  4. write this: 1,2,3,4,5
  5. how do you write infinity?
  6. if there are 10 alive people and one dies how many alive people are left
  7. what is the first prime number?
  8. at this question, the answer is not chuck norris.
  9. maxim simplification on the fraction 33/55
  10. logic: if all a's are b's and some c's are b's, prove that some c's are a's
  11. Who is the smartest human?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know maths?