this is the maths test

There are many people out there, some are good at maths, and some aren't! Someone who is good at maths is... well, they're a genius! So take my quiz to find out if you are one of them!

Are YOU a maths whiz??? So find out by taking this quiz which is more like a maths test than a quiz, but it's cool!!! So go on then! What are you waiting for???

Created by: Jamie Elloitt-Hall

  1. What is the symbol for the word 'product'
  2. If Billy had 12 cakes, and he dropped half of them on the floor, then gave 1/3 of the remaining cakes to his friend, how many does he have for himself?
  3. What is the square route of 100?
  4. If Amy left home and went to town at 8am, and arrived home at 8pm, how long would she've been out for?
  5. BTW, in the last question, Amy skived off school! (I just thought I'd tell you.) So anyway, in town Amy found a £10 note on the floor, how much has she got now?
  6. If you bought a toy which cost £10 and you paid with a £20 note, how much change will you get?
  7. What does cubed mean?
  8. Where does the number three live?
  9. Where does the number three live?
  10. If 7 x 8 = 56, what is 8 x 7?
  11. Are you smart

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