Do you know the NHL?

The NHL is the National Hockey League. There are 30 teams, which are divided into 2 conferences, the Eastern and Western. The on the quiz....GOOD LUCK!

Do YOU know the NHL?? If you don't, you should. Take my quiz and find out if you're a genious when it comes to the NHL....I am....can you beat my score? I got 100%....yeah, didn't think so...

Created by: E
  1. What are 3 of the Original Six Teams?
  2. How many states have 3 hockey teams in the NHL (Canada provinces don't count)?
  3. How many games are there in an NHL season (w/ out play-off games)?
  4. How many teams are in each of the 6 divisions?
  5. When were the Montreal Canadiens founded?
  6. How many teams are Canadian teams?
  7. What is the final championship between one Western and one Eastern conference team called?
  8. Who was the winning team in the 1960-61 season?
  9. Who were the 2007-08 winners?
  10. LAST QUESTION: Who is the current coach of the Chicago Blackhawks?

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Quiz topic: Do I know the NHL?