What Pittsburgh Penguin Are You?

My favorite team is no doubt the Pittsburgh Penguins. If you play this quiz you will definitely find out what Pittsburgh Penguins hockey player you are now.

Are you the current best like Sidney Crosby, or are You the first great Penguin like Mario? Are you a star from Europe like Jagr or Mailkin? You will find out in just a couple of minutes.

Created by: Ira
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your Team is in the offensive zone What do you do?
  2. Who many goals do you get in a season?
  3. Hwo many assists do you get a season?
  4. What Canadian junior league do you prefer?
  5. What's your favourite sport besides hockey?
  6. Are you good at goalie?
  7. Hwo many different languages can you speak?
  8. Which of these rivals of the penguins do you hate the most?
  9. Which of the fallowing penguins coaches is Your favourite.
  10. Which of these players do you think you would work the best with?

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Quiz topic: What Pittsburgh Penguin am I?